Sunday, April 13, 2008

Doctor day

Last Friday we took both boys for their 3yr and 4mo checkup.  I was worried about Scotty getting his shot because he is now fully aware of what is happening.  I hate shots!  I explained before we went that he would be getting a shot and that it was going to hurt but only for a minute.  He said that he doesn't like shots and that we should go to another doctor and not get a shot!  But everything went really well.  Scotty said "Ow!" but was quickly distracted by the cool band-aid.  Grant didn't start crying until his 2nd shot was done, cried through the 3rd and 4th shot but stopped crying as soon as I picked him up.  My boys are so brave!  They are both growing well.  Scotty is still 50th percentile for both height and weight.  Grant still has a little head- 75th for height, 60th for weight and only 10th for his head!  I wondered if the doctor would raise her eyebrow when she found out Scotty is still not potty trained, but she just said ok and didn't think anything of it.

After the doctor we went out to lunch and then we went to Toys R Us to let Scotty use his birthday gift card.  We had a great time at the toy store.  They gave him a crown which he loved and announced on the speaker that it was his birthday.  He had quite a few people tell him happy birthday!  He went running around looking at all the toys and then he found an RC train set that was set up and he had a great time playing with that for quite awhile.  Then we went over to the bikes and the big drive-able trucks and cars and spent a long time there driving them.  He found a 3 wheeled scooter and loved scooting all over on that.  I didn't know how he was ever going to choose a toy to get!  Until we made our way over to the truck section and he found a garbage truck.  That was the end of our searching- the garbage truck was the winner!  It has a dumpster on the front and it lifts it up and dumps the garbage into the back of the truck, then the truck raises and dumps all the garbage out.  He loves his "bargage" truck and has spent lots of time playing with it.  He says he is going to drive a "bargage" truck when he is "bigger and bigger"!  
After the toy store we went to Mervyns to buy Scotty some two piece pajamas.  He has always worn the one piece zip up pajamas, but now that he is going to be potty trained we had to switch to the two piecers.  We found them, got in the car and Scotty was asleep in about two minutes with his garbage truck on his lap!  


Megan said...

Hi I remember you from the Dr's office as well. I'm Megan, I live in Stansbury Park. I don't know alot of "Moms" I still feel really new to this even though Dillon will be 6 months old on the 23rd. My email is