Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bath time = splash time

Grant loves to splash in the tub. He splashes like a mad man. Scotty never really did splash too much. I can only remember a few times of splashing when he was a baby and we thought it was so cute. The first few times Grant splashed it was cute too, but now it's not so cute anymore! He gets splashing so much and drenches me and the bathroom. I've had to put the curtain inside the tub (which I don't like to do- gross!) and pull the curtain closed while he's sitting there splashing away so we don't have a flood on the bathroom floor. Then when it's time to wash him I have to hurry and grab his arms and wash quickly. He's ok with that part but then when he has to lay down to finish up he is not happy, so he'll start kicking his feet drenching me again! What's to be done though? Maybe I should invest in a rain coat!