Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yum- it's all I could think of to title this post. We made some bread tonight that was easy and delicious. It had a nice crusty crust and was soft inside and it was just....yum!! I found the recipe here and we have been wanting to try it for awhile. We devoured almost the whole thing before I remembered to take pictures, so here is what I got.

We used half white flour and half whole wheat flour in our bread. Catherine Newman uses different flours and things like ground flaxseed and wheat germ. Maybe next time we'll be adventurous and try some of those!

That little bit that was left didn't last very long. It really is an easy no knead recipe. I've attempted bread making before and have not had very good results, so I was happy to try something that didn't have much room for error! Luckily for us the recipe makes 3 loaves so we'll be making more tomorrow. Come on over and have some!


Valerie said...

Hey Lori! Check out my post on the other site. Share your recipe there! Looks yummy! I'm impressed!

Gwen said...

What time do you want me to come over? I love home made bread!!

Geri said...

Me to. Will you watch Brady, Brock and Logan while I eat your bread!!

Mel said...


I would have been right over, I LOVE fresh hot bread!!

joven said...
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