Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to school jitters

That would be my jitters- not Scotty's. I'm so nervous about Scotty going back to school! This summer has flown by and now my baby is starting 1st grade. He will be gone so long everyday. I will miss him so much. I am sad that his free time will be very short, if at all. I love for my kids to just be able to play and use their imaginations. They are great at it too- not once have I ever heard my boys say that they are bored. I think Scotty is a little nervous too. He says that he's not, but I think he is. We went to meet the teacher night the other night. We met his teacher and she seems really nice. We found his desk and he was excited to see a highlighter marker and red pen were included with his supplies! We're all sad that his little best friend is going to a different school this year. Luckily his desk neighbor from Kindergarten is in his class again this year, so he's happy to have her in his class. He will be fine- I know it. I might take longer to adjust to all this change than he will. I hate change!!! It will be strange with just me, Grant and Collin hanging out at home. Until 2 weeks from now when Grant starts preschool- yikes!! Good thing both these school starts didn't happen at the same time or I'd be an even bigger mess!