Monday, June 24, 2013

Grant's preschool graduation

We all had fun at Grant's preschool graduation.  (back in May- better late than never, right?)  He was excited to sing all the songs he has been practicing.  And we were surprised to see in the program that he would be leading the Pledge of Allegience!!  He did a great job!

He has done really well at preschool.  He had a best buddy and he seemed to like a lot of the other kids in his class.  He did well learning his letters and numbers and passed all the end of year requirements.  He is super excited to start kindergarten.  Unlike me!!

We are so proud of Grant.  He is awesome!

He is sitting behind the boy in the sombrero.  He sat with a somber look most of the time!  But he said he had a fun time.  All the songs were really cute and I enjoyed watching all the cute kids.

He sang his little heart out!

That face!  I can't help but kiss those adorable cheeks!