Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slip slidin' summer fun!

Scotty got a Slip N Slide for his birthday and we finally had a nice day yesterday to use it. They had so much fun and it was really fun to watch them. I didn't get pictures when Urban was here playing and I wish I had. Scotty and Urban were slipping and falling down and it was so funny! They couldn't figure out the official sliding part but they had fun running down and jumping into the little pool. Grant was really hesitant at first but when he accidentally got wet he liked it and went crazy splashing all over. We love summer!

This is Scotty cleaning the slide!

I think Grant is singing into the sprayer!

Scotty getting a good splashdown into the pool.

Showing me how he gets his hair wet!

Grant loves to splash! We lent Grant's bathing suit to Urban- thank goodness for swim diapers. When I went to take the swim diaper off I found that he had pooped in it and it was a disgusting mess!! I got the hose and sprayed him off- it was the only way to deal with a mess like that!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Early Father's Day

Miles is lucky that Scotty is in his summer preschool class and gets a fun Father's Day gift! Scotty came home on Monday and was excited to get a wrapped present out of his backpack. He takes it to Miles and says "Happy Mother's Day Daddy!" Hee hee! He had colored a frisbee for him and was excited to use it. Then he had a paper that he finished the sentences for Dad.

My Dad is special because: he cleans up my room for me. He does special things like gives me hugs.
I like it when my Dad: helps me draw my name.
My Dad can do many things! I think he's best at: helping me work on boats and helps me with my paper work.
My Dad has a great smile! I like to make him smile by: giving him hugs and kisses and I give him special treats.
My Dad is as handsome as a: Cocoa Pebbles cereal.
My Dad is smart! He even knows: how to eat crackers!

We laughed so hard!! This stuff is priceless. How nice to help Scotty with his paper work- you know how that paper work can pile up!! Handsome as Cocoa Pebbles cereal?? Funny stuff!
Miles really is a great Dad and I've said so many times before how lucky our boys are to have him as their Dad.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brotherly love

Aren't brothers great?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clubhouse rebuild

Remember when we had a huge windstorm and our clubhouse came out of it looking like this?

Well, Miles and his brother Nate spent all day Saturday a week ago working on it.  They were able to recreate all the pieces that were busted and did it very economically!  Scotty and Urban were great "helpers" too!

Now it looks like this:

The boys have been having so much fun with it.  They love the swings, go up and down the slide and love to play inside the tunnel.  Grant really loves to swing and he's starting to enjoy the slide too.  Thanks Miles and Nate!