Thursday, September 27, 2012

On the road again!

The boys did really, really well for the long drive to Mesa.  I was worried about it- especially for Collin who is not a good traveller!  But he did pretty well with only a few episodes of screaming.  I packed enough stuff to give them something new to do about every hour.  We ended up not using all of it because they were happy most of the time!

They watched some movies....

....played with sticker books....

....ate snacks and blankets....


....and acted silly and goofy!!!

And there were many diaper changes in the car.  I don't know why but we had a hard time finding diaper changing stations on this trip.  So, changes in the car were done and it was annoying!  But overall, the long drive went way, way better than we were expecting.  Yay!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A day in St George

To break up the 11 hour drive to Mesa we stayed overnight in St George.  We were planning to go to the sand dunes, but it was just breezy enough that we knew we would be miserable.  So we went to this awesome park that has a fun water place for the kids to play.  The boys LOVED this place.

It has a big area with lots of huge rocks to climb on with really shallow water.

Then it all narrows down to a cool river.

The ice cream truck came by and was the only thing that could have diverted their attention!

They all loved climbing up and down the waterfall stairs, especially Collin.

They definitely want to go back there!

After that we went back to the hotel and swam in the pool.  Then we had dinner in the hotel room, watched Spongebob and went to bed!

Yummy (free!) breakfast at the hotel and then it was on the road again!

Monday, September 24, 2012


We were able to go to Arizona at the end of May to visit my sister, Aimee, and her family.  It was so much fun.  The boys think it's the best vacation we've ever had!

Here is my beautiful niece Kaisha.  She graduated from high school and I was able to attend her graduation.  She is such an awesome, fun girl and we're so proud of her!!

We did lots of hanging out together.  Since Aimee's fam has lived away all my boy's lives they don't see them very much and had to get reacquainted!  Collin's favorite member of the family is Lexi- the family's Pug!!  He loved her and was always wanting to "pat" her.

Grant and Kennedi did some drawing together.  Grant drew this awesome Mario and Kenners drew an amazing Angry Bird that is now hanging up in Scotty's room.

Kerianne and I decided to relive old times and do crazy car ride!  It was much easier to do when she was younger....and less awkward!!  But it was hilarious!!

We went swimming a couple of times.  We went one evening to Aimee's time share.

Another day we went to my parent's hotel pool.  And we went once to our condo pool.  The boys loved being able to do so much swimming!

There are a couple of really fun playgrounds just down the road from Aimee's house.  The boys loved them and now we all think Tooele's playgrounds stink!!!

This little motorcycle thing was a big hit!

Even the big kids love these things!

Keri, Grant and Collin watching some kite fliers.

The boys loved Kam's chalkboard wall and Kam was very nice to let them draw all over it.

They slept well every night!

We sure love the Yorks!!  We wish we could see them more often, but we're so grateful for how much fun we have with them when we do get together.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer is gone!

My friend Becca just commented on my last post and asked what has happened since summer arrived and now! So, here it is. These are some things that we did this summer that I want to remember. We had a fun, relaxed summer that went by way too fast. Now I have to do a post with our back to school pictures. Seriously- where did the summer go??

Scotty finished soccer and was really excited to get a medal.

They set up an elaborate Wild West town.

Fun time swimming at the Palisades

We went to Ikea, dropped Scotty and Grant off at the kid's zone (Collin wasn't potty trained yet) and me, Miles and Collin had fun shopping while the other two had a blast in the kid's area. We can't wait to go back now that Collin is potty trained!!!

Scotty moved his room downstairs. He loves it.

Grant loves having his own room and keeps everything neat and organized!

Firework show in Grantsville on the 4th of July.

They had a blast at a splash pad with our friends Miles and Emma.

Collin is a crazy boy!

Playing mini golf.

Playing in the rain.

We saw a Bald Eagle in Wyoming. Awesome!

ALL the boys love throwing rocks in the water!

Grant was stung by a wasp.

Rock climbing! Scotty



Annual TBP day at Lagoon.

Geocaching with Grandma Geri and Grandpa Steve.

Hiking in Alpine, WY.

Picnic in South Willow Canyon.

Exploring South Willow Canyon.

A kitty picnic in the backyard!

I love my boys! They are so much fun!!