Friday, August 29, 2008


I was getting ready this morning and I could hear Grant fussing in the kitchen in his high chair. As I was walking down the hall I heard Scotty saying "It's ok Grant. Do you want this? There you go." I came into the family room to see that Scotty had taken a toy over to Grant in his high chair. I told him how nice that was and he said that he was downstairs and heard Grant crying so he came upstairs to make him happy. It was so cute! I was so proud of Scotty for having compassion toward Grant. Moments like this sure warm your heart!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend at the cabin

We spent another fun weekend with Grandpa Scott at his cabin in Alpine. We invited our nephew Urban to come along with us this time. He and Scotty are only 3 months apart in age and are good buddies. They had a great time. We went to Murphy Lake (that's right, Murphy Lake- I looked it up!) and hiked around. Then we went camping. Well...Grant and Mommy did the fun camping stuff- hanging around the campfire, watching the boys play in the dirt, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, but when it was getting late Grandpa kindly took the two of us back to the cabin to sleep in our nice, warm beds! The other guys stayed and camped overnight. Scotty and Urban loved it and Scotty can't wait to go camping again! It was nice to have a playmate for Scotty. Mommy got a break from playing with the fire truck and Barbie airplane!

Here they are pretending to drive - so cute!

Now here they are all tuckered out from the driving!

Throwing rocks at Murphy Lake.

Wading in the lake. It was cold but there was very little complaining!

Getting ready to cross the little creek on a wibbly, wobbly little log! This was quite an adventurous hike!

Everyone did really good crossing the log. I'm a scaredy pants and needed just as much help as the kids!

They loved sitting there roasting the hot dogs, but neither one would eat them!

Grant got his first taste of licorice - what do you think he thought of it?!

Miles and the boys on the little hike they took near the cabin.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Scotty and I were eating some delicious Chicken in a Biskit crackers which I have liked since I was little.  I happened to pick up the box and read the ingredients and I discovered that one of the ingredients is dehydrated cooked chicken - what??  For some reason knowing that there is real chicken in these things grosses me out!!  I thought it was just a fun name, not an actual representation of ingredients!  Is that gross to anyone else, or is it just me?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So tired!

It's very quiet here in the Lawrence house.  Both kids are taking naps.  I know that I just posted about eliminating Scotty's nap, but he was so tired today that I had to let him take a nap.  He was tired yesterday at 4:30pm.  But he did go to bed really well.  Hopefully tonight will go ok too.  I had him go to sleep at 12pm so that will give him more time between waking up and bedtime.  Poor guy.  It's not easy adjusting to changing sleep needs.  Maybe we'll try naps on some days but not others.  He will be starting preschool soon which is Tues & Thurs from 12pm-2pm so he will be missing naps on those days.  I'll have to start training him to miss those naps just like our mom's used to make us start waking up early before school started in the fall!  For now, I'm going to enjoy the silence!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who's the culprit?

I sat down at the computer, reached for the mouse and....eewwww!!  Someone used the mouse with nacho cheese Doritos encrusted fingers!!  I know it wasn't me and it wasn't Grant, so that leaves two suspects.  Both of them have been munching on the Doritos today and they are both capable of doing this deed.  I wonder if anyone will fess up?  Who do you think it was?  I'll keep you posted!

Goodbye nap???

Well..we've decided to try eliminating Scotty's nap.  It was not an easy decision and we're still not sure it will work out.  He has been having the worst time going to bed at night.  For weeks we've been battling with him trying to get him to stay in bed and go to sleep.  He's been up way too late with all of his craziness.  We've noticed that on days he doesn't have a nap (like Sunday) he goes to sleep so much better, so we're going to give this a try.  The only hard part is that I still need nap time!!  But we decided to have a mandatory "rest time" and then some "play by yourself time" so that Mommy can have a break.  He needs lots of attention so we'll have to see how play time by yourself goes.  It's good for him to be able to entertain himself, so we'll work hard to get him to do it.  Today was the first day of trying this but his cousin Urban was here, so it was really fun for him.  Wish me luck tomorrow!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mommy confession

I have been changing diapers every day now for 3 and a half years.  For 4 and a half of those months I was changing two kids diapers every day.  Before that I changed quite a few diapers between babysitting and my nieces and nephews.  But even with all that diapering experience I still use tons of wipes and make a mess with the poopies!  I don't know what my problem is, but I can't get it.  I use at least 3 wipes per poopy diaper- and that is just for a small, easily cleaned one.  For the more disgusting, messier versions it's usually 5 or 6 or more.  And lots of times I get it on my hands, on Grants legs, his feet and occasionally on the blanket underneath him or his clothes.  I remember my neighbor changed a poopy diaper in record time and I commented on how fast she was.  She replied that it was even a 3 wiper one- as if that didn't occur very often.  I didn't confess that every poopy diaper change in my experience is a 3 wiper!  Miles has it down to 1 or 2 wipes and maybe I should take a lesson from him.  Those wipes aren't cheap after all!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fun childhood moment

I got to share in a great childhood moment last night with Scotty.  We were in the house when I heard the unmistakable tinkling of.......the ice cream truck!!  I said "Scotty- the ice cream truck!" and he froze in place listening to hear the music.  When he heard it his eyes lit up and he ran for the door.  Of course, the door was locked and he was frantically trying to get it open calling out in a panicked voice that it is locked and to come hurry and help him.  He was truly panicking and I had to laugh.  We got outside and the truck was past our house going down the street so Scotty took off running!  It was so cute to see him running down the sidewalk after that beloved truck.  Luckily the guy turned around instead of turning the corner and we were able to get a treat.  We had to walk across the street in bare feet but nobody complained because we will do anything to get to the ice cream truck!  I didn't have enough $$$ for the treat he really wanted so he hastily chose some blue ice cream thing and we went happily home.  We opened up his thing, got a spoon, he took a bite and......he didn't like it!  But he wasn't sad or mad about it- just didn't like it.  I told him that next time we'll get something different that he will like.  He was happy with that.  I love the ice cream truck.  Growing up our mom's rarely said yes to getting a treat and it was pure torture for my me and my friends to watch it drive slowly by when we weren't allowed to get something.  And pure joy when we were allowed!  So, hopefully we'll hear the intoxicating song of the ice cream truck again soon and we'll run out to enjoy again another fun moment of childhood.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Darn it!

This morning while we're eating our after breakfast brownie dessert:

Scotty:  "Darn it!  Mommy, say darn it."
Mommy:  "Darn it!"
Scotty:  "Daddy, say darn it."
Daddy:  "Darn it!"
Mommy:  "Scotty, what does darn it mean?"
Scotty:  "Umm...darn it means that our air conditioning is broken!"
Mommy:  (Laughing)  "Yes it does!"

The a/c in our car is broken- can you tell that we're not happy without it!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lagoon party

We went to the annual Transcript Lagoon party on July 24th and had lots of fun. We invited Scotty's cousin Urban along and his dad decided to come too and we had a great time together. The boys loved all the rides and weren't scared on any of them this year. We even went on the scarier kid rides and they both loved them! The lines weren't very long and that was so nice. We even got on the train in a few minutes versus 30-60 minutes in years past. They loved the bumper cars, the boats, the train and the little track cars the most. And they found a kid sized drinking fountain which was high on the list of favorite things!

We spent quite a bit of time taking turns drinking from the little fountain!

Getting ready to go on the kid sized Tidal Wave ride- which was a lot of fun!

Waiting patiently- they almost got the hang of it by the end of the day!

Away they go!

Funny, funny, funny!

Miles took pictures of us while we were riding on Puff the Magic Dragon roller coaster and when we were looking through them we found this one:

We laughed so hard!!! There's two men who know how to have fun!