Wednesday, December 31, 2008


After many attempts I was finally able to upload some pictures. After all that waiting they don't seem very exciting, but my kids are always cute to look at!
I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve. We'll be putting the kids to bed on time and watching tv- exciting, huh?? Then it will be on to the task of un-decorating. Why is it that the Christmas tree looks festive and beautiful at the beginning of December but looks tacky and weird at the end of December??

That big grin is for a very prized gift!

Grant has so much fun with this thing. He puts the gumballs in the top and screams! We did find out that little cars and a slinky just get stuck in there instead of going around and coming out the bottom!

He's excited to start cutting down all those trees we have around here!

I'm sure glad we had this chainsaw because that wrapping paper was tough!

Huh? What do you say is going on today?

Monday, December 29, 2008


Aargh- I want to post pictures from our Christmas, but Blogger won't let me upload any! Is it just me, or do you have problems uploading pictures? Oh well. I'll try again later.
Our Christmas was a lot of fun. Santa came and brought Grant a fun gumball machine toy, Scotty a car carrier semi truck and the Wall*E movie for the family. Grant loves putting the gumballs in the machine and Scotty even loves to play with it too! Scotty was really excited to get this big truck. He calls it a car hauler and would only ask Santa for that. He has been wanting one really bad ever since his cousin Ethan got one for his birthday, so we were glad that Santa was able to bring one for him. Miles and I gave Grant a toy that you put the balls on the top and them hammer them into the little maze and we gave Scotty a toy chainsaw. After he opened the chainsaw he used it to open the rest of the presents! Scotty had fun going to the store to buy Miles and me presents. He bought Daddy a new snow shovel and Mommy a new hair dryer- it was cute! And he bought Grant a Pooh Bear spinning top. I'm sure Grant was totally confused by the happenings of the day! He wouldn't touch any of the wrapping paper to help unwrap, but he really loved playing with the new toys.
It was a really fun day. We started off the day reading the story of Christ's birth and having family prayer. Scotty was excited to say the prayer and said that he is thankful for Jesus and for Christmas to celebrate his "earth"!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town!

I wanted to share a couple pictures of the kids with Santa. Scotty was excited to see Santa this year. The first time we saw him was at his little preschool party. (Which was outside and freezing cold!!) He ran right up to him, got on his lap and answered his questions- all without looking directly at his face! We put Grant on his lap and he started to cry but then got distracted by his cool beard. We saw him again at the TBP company party and both kids did the same thing. They're so cute! We are all excited for Christmas. We got our real tree and put it up. Scotty managed to hang about 10 ornaments on one branch! It's snowing like crazy outside right now and we made sugar cookies this morning, so it's really feeling like Christmas!

Here's Scotty with Santa at his preschool party.

Grant wanted to take the candy cane, but he was too bundled up to move his arms!

Here they are together at the TBP party- they look like they are bored!

Even though you can't tell by looking at the kids- we all had fun at the TBP party! Grant was tired by this point and Scotty had just gotten hit in the face with a basketball. But a fun time nevertheless!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lawrence Elves

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Party! Party! Party!

We had Grant's party on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. He wasn't too sure what to think of all these people in his house, but he only cried if someone tried to take him and hold him. He loved his presents and even played with the toys and not the wrapping paper! When it was time for cake he looked around very seriously as we all sang to him and Scotty helped him blow out his candle. Then he started to touch his cake but he wasn't to excited about it! He kept trying to shake the stuff off of his hands and only put his hands in his mouth once or twice. He did try some cake if we fed him though. In the end he was the cleanest 1yr old after eating cake ever!!
On a side note- the party this time seemed much less chaotic and much quieter and we realized it was because we could have all the kids go downstairs! Three cheers for the finished basement!!
We love Grant so much. We were excited to have everyone here to celebrate him. His smile can always make you happy and his snuggles are the best!

Here is Miles and Scotty making the birthday cake. Scotty was very excited to help make Grant's cake.

We found the cutest, brightly colored decorations.

This is Grant's cake to eat all by himself!

We got him this cute first birthday hat and only after fighting with him for a few minutes he kept it on for the whole party!

Present time!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....

He's trying to get Miles to clean his hand off!

Please stop making me touch and eat this cake!

There's his cute smile!

Here's his loot.

But after all these new fun toys, Daddy is still his favorite!

Grant's pictures!

Here they are- a little journey through Grant's first year (backwards, but oh well!). What a great year it was!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Grant!

Today is Grant's first birthday! We can't believe how fast this year has gone by. He has been so much fun to have in our family. It has been fun watching Scotty become a big brother and grow into that role. Grant was a really good, sweet baby and, best of all, was cuddly! He will now crawl over for a snuggle and I love it!
I wanted to post some pictures from his first year, but Blogger is not cooperating! I'll try again later.
We made him some chocolate muffins today. We sang Happy Birthday and he smiled really big and was entranced by the candle. But he didn't care too much for the muffin. He squished it up and would eat some of it if I put it in his mouth but wouldn't really put any in his mouth by himself. We wonder what he'll do with his birthday cake at his party on Saturday!

Monday, December 1, 2008


It's another boy!! We're excited. We actually talked ourselves into thinking it might be a girl, but those strong Lawrence boy genes won out again. Scotty has always been sure it's a girl and he really wanted it to be a girl too. When we told him it is a boy he said that he doesn't like boys, he only likes girls! Now on to our most dreaded task- choosing a name!