Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Lissa!

Today is my sister-in-law Lissa's birthday. She celebrated it at the hospital where she has been for almost 7 months. She was feeling well enough to come outside for a little party with all of her family. She rode in style in a cool chair/bed on wheels. The best present was seeing her boys- I can't imagine how much she misses them. The next best present was being able to have a drink of Pepsi! It was only a few days ago that she was able to have some ice chips, then was able to have a Saltine cracker and some pudding. She really enjoyed that Pepsi! She also received a laptop computer that will be so great for her to be able to connect with the outside world. We look forward to Skype and Facebook chats with her! We love you Lissa and think that you are so strong and amazing!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blanket Boys

These boys love their blankies!

They are so cute with their blankets. They have to sleep with them and they like to snuggle with them when they are upset. When Collin is crying Grant will go get his blanket for him and bring it to him- it's so sweet! Logan will go get his and then also round up Grant's and Collin's too- they love to share the blankie goodness!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chalk Art

We had fun today tracing each other and then coloring ourselves in. Grant was not happy when it was picture time and we finally figured out that he wanted the camera! Urban recreated his shirt, but did different pants and Scotty drew his bones and skin and had roller skate feet! Urban was excited to trace me and kept telling me to hold really still. They are fun boys!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our kitchen table is starting to get a complex

We love summer!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Artist's rendering

This is an artist's depiction of the small accident that Miles and Scotty had in our new van:
Drawing by Scotty

The X's are where the "paint cracked off" and the squiggly line at the top is the airbag. Pretty darn cute, right??!!

A nice thing that came out of the accident was that our insurance paid for 3 new car seats. We decided to get the Graco Nautilus which can be used as a regular car seat, a high back booster- which is how Scotty uses it, and finally a backless booster. Utah's car seat law is that kids ride in a booster until age 8, so we won't have to buy any more car seats or boosters as the boys grow. They are solid and heavy though, so I'd better either start lifting weights or never move them out of the van!!
We had to keep them around for a few days for them to sit in and play with.

Having a snack in the car seats!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Collin walking

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We've got a walker!!

Collin has decided to start walking! Finally- at 14 months and 3 weeks old!! He is a funny boy- he would walk, and walk really well, whenever Grandma Geri would come over. Then as soon as she would leave we would stand him up to walk and he would immediately sit down and crawl. It was the funniest thing! We went to dinner at her house on Sunday and he did a lot of walking and since then he has been walking more and more everyday. Today he is pretty much walking everywhere unless he falls down. He's growing up so fast and we love him so much!!

Walking session with Grandma Geri.

The tongue is standard when learning to walk!

He would even turn around and walk back to her!!

Today he is a big walking boy.

I'm doing it Mom! I love how he balls up his little fists- so cute!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preschool graduation

Our Scotty is a preschool graduate!! His graduation was so much fun. Each class wore a different color shirt, they had real graduation caps, they sang cute songs. The best part of the night was when we opened up the program and saw that Scotty Lawrence was on there with a part in the program!!! We couldn't believe it! Our bashful boy had a part? We had to wait in anticipation until the very last song- it was torture!! He went up to the microphone and said in a clear, confident sounding voice: "This summer I'm going to fly my kite." He did so great!! We asked him afterwards if he was nervous and he said yes, but he didn't act nervous at all. We're so proud of Scotty. He's learned so much and is very excited for Kindergarten in the fall. We love you Scotty!!!

Grant & Grandpa Scott are waiting patiently for the program to start.

Scotty is on the back row, in a green shirt, just to the right of Ms Crystal.

Ms. Shauna making sure Scotty is ready.

We were such proud parents!!

Yay Scotty!

We're excited for the new adventures that we'll be moving on to.