Thursday, May 7, 2009

Early Mother's Day

Scotty came home from preschool today with a couple things for me for Mother's Day.  I was excited because his preschool stuff is so cute!  He had a picture of him with a frame and puzzle pieces and it says "Mom I love you to pieces!"  Cute!!  Then he had a little questionnaire that he had answered about me.  Here are his answers:

My Mom is special because: she loves me!
I like it when my Mom: takes me to the kids store
My Mom can do many things!  I think she's best at: giving me loves!
My Mom has a pretty smile!  I like to make her smile by: buying her a new blow dryer!
My Mom is as pretty as a: dress!
My Mom is smart!  She even knows: how to unload the dishwasher!

Is that cute, or what??  You can tell that he was very excited about the new blow dryer he gave me for Christmas.  And I'm sure that you all wish you were as smart as I am and could unload your dishwasher!  But I am special because I get to love Scotty and be his Mommy.


Geri said...

Boy Lori, You are really smart. Will you come over to my house and show me how to unload the dishwasher. But 1st you will have to show me how to load it!
Kids are so clever. I just love to hear what they have to say or do.