Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Early Father's Day

Miles is lucky that Scotty is in his summer preschool class and gets a fun Father's Day gift! Scotty came home on Monday and was excited to get a wrapped present out of his backpack. He takes it to Miles and says "Happy Mother's Day Daddy!" Hee hee! He had colored a frisbee for him and was excited to use it. Then he had a paper that he finished the sentences for Dad.

My Dad is special because: he cleans up my room for me. He does special things like gives me hugs.
I like it when my Dad: helps me draw my name.
My Dad can do many things! I think he's best at: helping me work on boats and helps me with my paper work.
My Dad has a great smile! I like to make him smile by: giving him hugs and kisses and I give him special treats.
My Dad is as handsome as a: Cocoa Pebbles cereal.
My Dad is smart! He even knows: how to eat crackers!

We laughed so hard!! This stuff is priceless. How nice to help Scotty with his paper work- you know how that paper work can pile up!! Handsome as Cocoa Pebbles cereal?? Funny stuff!
Miles really is a great Dad and I've said so many times before how lucky our boys are to have him as their Dad.


john:and:aim said...

Yep, he is! Kameron said just today that he wants to be like Miles when he grows up :) So then I told him that he should be even BETTER than Uncle Miles!!!!!! Can you tell my kids adore him? :)

Mel said...

I love those fill in the blank activities! Urban said Nathan was as handsome as a mummy!