Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun in the Arizona sun

Collin and I were able to go visit Aimee and family in Arizona for a weekend and we had so much fun. Collin loved everyone and he was smiling all the time. He was held the whole time so he hardly cried and was content being snuggled in everyone's arms! Aimee and I got to go to a movie together while John and the kids babysat Collin. We went swimming, except I forgot my bathing suit so Aimee and I watched the others swim while enjoying the coolness of the evening 99˚ temps! I got to hear Kaisha give a talk in Sacrament Meeting and she did a fantastic job. Then I got to help Aimee teach Kennedi's primary class which was an adventure with some energetic 7yr old triplet boys in the class! I gave Kaisha and Keri french braiding lessons, Kenners shoe tying lessons, had a great pillow fight with Kam, played some Speed and Slap Jack and then ruled the roost as President in a game of Scum for quite awhile before falling all the way down to Scum! And, of course, made a stop at In-N-Out for a delicious burger and fries. It's always so good to visit the York family. They make me feel right at home. Kaisha and Keri are both taller than me now and it's pretty crazy! Kam and Kenners aren't too far behind. Thanks York family for a great weekend!!





Aimee and the kids saying good bye.