Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our new normal

Those of you who know me well know that I don't like change. Even when change comes from something really good- like having a new baby. I have had longer than normal adjustment periods after each baby has come getting used to all the changes. With Collin's arrival it seems to be taking longer because our family dynamic has changed so much going from 2 to 3 and also having two babies 15 months apart. I came upon a great blog called Baby Bunching that is all about having 2 babies under 2. (And if anyone else has 2 under 2 I recommend visiting this blog. I have learned lots of good tips and can read about how things will get easier someday!) Since joining the baby bunching crowd our life has been busy. Just having 2 under 2 is hard enough but then add on our wonderful, but...hmm...I'll say "high maintenance" preschooler, and we rarely have a moments rest! There is always somebody wanting or needing something that keeps us running. We have found that a sense of humor is the saving grace as we adjust. There have been numerous times when both babies are crying and Scotty is talking non-stop that Miles and I have looked at each other, laughed and said "Can you believe that this is our life now?" We have lots of moments when we just stop and laugh because it's better than crying! Things are getting easier, especially now that Collin is getting out of the newborn stage and his sleep is starting to become a little more predictable. I feel like I can venture out to select places by myself with all 3 kids. And taking all 3 places with Miles around is no big deal anymore. I'm still waiting for the day for Collin to start sleeping through the night and then I'm sure I'll feel like a new woman and will be able to tackle so much more! So even though our house is filled with chaos, noise, toys, diapers, sleep deprivation, spit up, fighting and crying, it's also filled with laughter and plenty of love to go around. And I've come to the conclusion that some change is good!