Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preschool graduation

Our Scotty is a preschool graduate!! His graduation was so much fun. Each class wore a different color shirt, they had real graduation caps, they sang cute songs. The best part of the night was when we opened up the program and saw that Scotty Lawrence was on there with a part in the program!!! We couldn't believe it! Our bashful boy had a part? We had to wait in anticipation until the very last song- it was torture!! He went up to the microphone and said in a clear, confident sounding voice: "This summer I'm going to fly my kite." He did so great!! We asked him afterwards if he was nervous and he said yes, but he didn't act nervous at all. We're so proud of Scotty. He's learned so much and is very excited for Kindergarten in the fall. We love you Scotty!!!

Grant & Grandpa Scott are waiting patiently for the program to start.

Scotty is on the back row, in a green shirt, just to the right of Ms Crystal.

Ms. Shauna making sure Scotty is ready.

We were such proud parents!!

Yay Scotty!

We're excited for the new adventures that we'll be moving on to.


Mike and Becca said...

Ooo I like your new blog background. Makes me want to go on vacation. Also that is so funny that your grandma would put flowers! Congrats to the graduate!