Thursday, May 5, 2011


For Easter the boys got some new paint and they each got a wooden letter of their first name initial. After putting them off for a few days I finally let them paint them. Letting them paint is always something that seems daunting and I avoid it, but then when we do paint it ends up being fun and not really a big deal. Why don't I remember this when they ask to paint the next time?? They had a great time and were really proud of their letters.

After they were done with their letters they painted on the paper that covered the table. They loved that and we kept it on the table for a few days. Grant ended up pretending his paintbrush was a truck or something and drove it all over- almost wearing through the paper!

When Collin added white onto his painting he was excited and said "I did that!"

I think Scotty ended up using every single color and every part of his hands!

Here are the finished products.


Jodee said...

What a fun idea! I get a little scared of paint too, however, for whatever reason Miles HATES getting his hands messy so I don't worry about him, Paden on the other hand is a whole different story! :)

Amanda said...

Cute, looks like they had a great time! Paint doesn't bother me that much, but play dough drives me crazy:)

Mike and Becca said...

gosh everytime i look at your blog I study your boys faces to try and figure out who they look like. I don't think i've pin pointed it yet. I keep thinking i'll see Lori, but I don't. It seems like there was one once where I could totally see you.... but i'm still looking. Do people say one or the other does??

Mike and Becca said...

mabye collin?