Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

We all had a fun Halloween. They boys were excited to get their costumes and they were worn a lot before the official day.

Every year we get all the Lawrence cousins together to take pictures in their costumes. It's always a wild adventure, although as they get older it's getting easier. This year wasn't bad at all.

Collin as a construction guy or Bob the Builder or Hard Hat Harry. He would decide what he was that particular day and we would address him appropriately.

Grant decided that he wanted to be Mario- same as last year. The bummer part was that the suit from last year was too small so we had to buy a bigger one. Maybe he'll want to be Mario a third time and he can wear this one again!

Scotty went to the Halloween store to get some things to be a vampire....until he saw this General Grievous costume and had a change of heart! It cost more than we budget for a costume so he paid the difference with his own money. He's growing up!

All ready and excited to go trick or treating. Perfect weather last night for trick or treating and then snow this morning!

Checking out the haul:


Mike and Becca said...

I commented the other day, but it must not have taken? I just said that your boys costumes are great. Also wanted to let you know I think of you alot lately... Ive been eating more oranges than normal so everytime I pull out that orange peeler I think of Lori!! Thanks for the great thoughts