Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Collin!!!

Today Collin is 4!!!  I can't believe my BABY is 4!  Collin has been so excited for his birthday.  Everyday for two weeks he has asked if today is his birthday.  Collin is such a fun little boy!  He is hilarious and makes us laugh all the time.  He is very thoughtful and likes to make others happy.  He loves to give kisses and blow them on so they stay forever.  He likes me to call him Snugglebum!  Collin is an adventurous boy.  He loves to climb on anything and has no trouble keeping up with his big brothers.  (He even does lots of stuff they won't!)  He didn't go to the 3yr old preschool so he has been having "home preschool" with me.  He loves to do preschool and has learned so much.  He is very proud that he can write his name and loves figuring out things that are opposites.  He loves to run, jumping on the trampoline, digging in the dirt, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, trucks, playing with his brothers, being loud (and he's good at it!), swimming, Luigi, throwing rocks, almost all junk food and his beloved dinosaur blankie.  He is so cute and we love him so much.  Happy Birthday Snugglebum!!

Here are some pictures from his past year.


john:and:aim said...

Oh my gosh... LOVE it!!! Have a Happy Birthday, Collin =)

Mike and Becca said...

well Happy Birthday!!! and I want to go on that winter cabin trip with you! looks sooooo fun

Geri Lawrence said...

What a great fun boy he is!!