Sunday, April 14, 2013

Celebrating with Scotty

Scotty had a few different birthday celebrations.  The day of his birthday he got his presents from us- a new bike and a Ninjago book.  We made him his favorites for breakfast and dinner- French Toast and Country Chicken Casserole with homemade rolls.  And for dessert brownie cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting- yum!  

We had a family party at the Lawrence's Sunday dinner.  Scotty asked for a rocket cake and Miles had fun making it.

He also got to have a couple friends over to spend a day during spring break.  They had fun playing their own Minecraft with the basement toys and having lunch at Pizza Hut.

A very exciting part of turning 8 for Scotty was he got to become a Cub Scout.  He was very excited!  When we took him out for his date with mom and dad we went to the Scout store to get all his stuff and he wanted to wear his shirt everyday after that!  He immediately started working on his Bobcat requirements and went to his first den meeting already having earned his Bobcat.  His first Pack Meeting was the next week and he got his Bobcat plus two beads.  He LOVES being a Scout and is looking forward to doing lots of fun things.

He had a lot of fun for his birthday and we had fun celebrating with him!