Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scotty's funnies

My boys make me laugh all the time.  Here are a couple of funny things from Scotty recently.

Scotty said to me and Miles "Look at my booty!"

While I was on my girl's trip Miles texted me this picture and said that Scotty was calling this "Butt crack pizza."

It's a laugh a minute around here!  Many of the jokes are about butts or farts, but what else do you expect from a house full of boys??


Geri Lawrence said...

That is so funny! They are so funny one minute and so sweet and loveable the next!

Jodee said...

Hey Stranger! I'm back, hopefully posting fairly regularly....hopefully :) Why is it that all that stuff is just so funny to boys!? Too funny!

Mike and Becca said...

They take after their funny mother! Love the booty one. Clever