Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Scotty!!

I'm not over my baby turning 5 and now I have to face my oldest turning 9!!!  Scotty has had a very fun year.  He started Scouts and was so excited!  He had already earned his Bobcat when he went to his first den meeting!  He has had fun in scouts and especially at summer camp where he came home covered in dirt from head to toe!!  He was baptized and that was an awesome experience.  He has tried his best to make good choices and to follow the commandments.  He played soccer last spring and was excited to get another medal.  He is still in karate and loves it.  He has progressed to a purple belt (white, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown, black) and is excited to someday be a black belt!  He does well in school and works hard but hates homework!  He loves to read and has read a lot of books this year including the first 3 Harry Potter books which he had trouble putting down!  
Scotty still love Star Wars and has really enjoyed helping his little brothers learn all about it.  He is an awesome big brother and gets along really well with Grant and Collin.  They both love to play with him and look up to him.  Scotty is a good friend to others and is well liked at school.  He is fun to hang out with and loves to tell you all about things he is excited about!  He is funny and makes us laugh.  He is a good helper to me at home and is always willing to help his brothers.
He loves Minecraft, Star Wars, Ninjago, riding his bike and scooter, jumping on the trampoline, rock climbing, swimming, Legos, drawing, history, science, rock hunting, Spongebob and cookie dough!

We love you so much Scotty!  We hope you have an awesome birthday!

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Geri Lawrence said...

Scotty, you are such an amazing 9 year old boy!! i can't believe how smart you are! I watch you when you play with your cousins at our house and you are such a good friend to them. You are wonderful to me and grandpa and a good helper to us also. I love that you are so willing to give me hugs. I love them!! and I love you!!
Love Grandma