Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6 months

Yesterday was Grant's 6 month birthday - can you believe it??  We can't.  The time has flown by and has been so much fun.  Grant really is a sweet baby.  He smiles a lot and hardly cries.  He sleeps and eats well and doesn't cause us any worry.  The past month he has started playing with toys and chewing on everything.  His favorite thing to chew on is my finger!  He likes his hard toys over his soft toys so maybe we'll be seeing the first tooth soon!  We are very excited to be going to visit Aimee and family tomorrow!  And Miles and Scotty are looking forward to a fun boys weekend too.

Rice cereal face.

He had a great time playing with this Macey's ad.

What a cutie pie!


john - and - aim said...

we miss you two already! can you please come back??? thanks for hanging out with us and playing games with the kids :o)
thank you, Miles, for letting us have them for a few days - we hope you and Scotty had a great weekend, too!!