Monday, June 30, 2008


Great news- we got our carpet in the basement! YEAH!! It's such a huge relief. We still have some things left to do- putting up doors, finishing outlets and things like that, but we have started moving stuff down and Grant will finally have his own room very soon. The carpet was installed on Friday and we spent a few hours down there laying on it, running, rolling and somersaulting around (well, Scotty ran, rolled and somersaulted- we did the laying!) and then we left for the cabin for the weekend. We love the carpet, our painting turned out cute and everything looks really nice. Miles did such a great job with everything. He's awesome!! We'd like to thank Aimee's friend for blogging about the polka dots she did in her daughter's room and Mel for the creative guidance.
Now- is it too early to complain about how long it takes to vacuum down there?

Scotty was very excited to help vacuum!

I thought about letting Grant lay on the carpet and touch it, but I had just fed him carrots and didn't really want a nice fresh carrot barf stain on our new carpet!

Lots of work, but worth it in the end. It's hard to tell here but the wall below the dots is darker than above the dots.

Mel gave us the idea of putting Scotty and Grant's handprints on the wall. We were scared it would be a disaster, but it was pretty easy and turned out cute!

Scotty loved the new carpet. He ran upstairs to bring toys to play with and had a great time.