Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grant's walking!

Yeah!! At 14 and 1/2 months Grant has finally decided he wants to walk. Two months ago he started taking steps between us, but quickly decided that he didn't want to do anymore than that. But he's a really fast crawler so he was content zipping around on his hands and knees. Then this week he just decided that he'd give this walking thing a try and has done great! He really likes to walk and walks around with this little smile on his face like he is thinking "Look at me! I'm a big boy walking. I'm so proud of myself!" It is very cute. I was a bit worried that this new baby would come and he still wouldn't be walking so I'm relieved! He's such a cutie!

See how proud of himself he is?

The tongue helps him!


john - and - aim said...

Oh my goodness, what a big boy! We can't believe he's now truly mobile. Where does the time go???