Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok- which of you have messed with my baby count down over there and sped it up?? How is it that I only have less than 10 weeks left before this baby comes? Somedays when the kids are crazy and the house is a disaster I get scared thinking I'll be adding a baby to the mix very soon! It's going to be an adventure! My biggest worries are not having the time to devote the attention to each of them that they will want. We'll just have to work extra hard to make sure they all know we love them more than anything. I do love them so much. I feel so blessed to be those little boy's mommy! And I am looking forward to this 3rd one. It's fun to think about who he'll look like, or if he'll be more like Scotty or Grant- because those two are so different. Or maybe he'll be totally different from either one of them or a mixture. It's going to be fun.
On a funny note- I realize that I am one of those girls that people are staring at and whispering to each other things like "How old do you think that baby is and she's pregnant again?" I'll just be glad I'm in Utah and there's lots more out there like me!