Friday, April 10, 2009


We are still surviving!  Collin has been home for a couple of weeks and he is doing really well.  We are all adjusting well to having him home with us- except for the sleep deprivation, but that will pass!  Scotty and Grant have been cute with him.  Scotty loves to hold him and helps Mommy.  Grant likes to get up close to his face and look at him!  He also pats him and has held him and given him kisses.  This morning he brought his pacifier over and tried to put it in his mouth- it was very sweet.  We have been having some family members and friends come over to help me while Miles works since I can't lift Grant.  We are grateful for all those that have been helping us out.  I am also very grateful for Miles.  He has taken on everything and does so much.  He wants me to be able to rest as much as I can.  He's the best husband and father!  Collin is a cute, sweet baby.  He eats well and is becoming more alert.  He is a spitter too!  We have to carry around the burp cloth with us at all times or we'll be sorry!  We're so thankful that he is healthy and doing well.
We have updated our photo website- there is an album with pictures from Collin's birth and lots of other new pictures too.  Click here or on the link over on the side to see our cute, cute kids!