Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick update

I'm exhausted, so I'll do a quick update and then do a better post later.  Collin was able to come home yesterday- yeah!!  He did fail his car seat test though.  They had him sit in it and after only 20 minutes his oxygen level dropped to 85 and stayed there.  They tried it again a few hours later and the same thing happened.  So we had to bring him home in a car bed and we can't sit him up in anything like a swing or bouncer until he passes his car seat test.  We'll do it again at his pediatrician appt next week.  Hopefully he'll pass because he barely fits in the car bed!  Usually babies as big as he is pass with no problem.  Scotty was so cute when we brought Collin in the house.  He looked at him and said "Ooh- he's so cute!"  He has been really cute with him and has wanted to hold him and will kiss his head.  We love it!  Grant has patted his head and also scratched his forehead!  He smiles when he comes close to Collin though and that is cute.  We're now getting used to having a newborn in the house and all the changes that brings.  Especially the long night time feedings!

Scotty's party went really well yesterday.  We really lucked out and had the only nice, warm, sunny day that was in between two snow storms.  We have snow covered lawn outside right now so we are very grateful that we were able to have nice weather and have his party outside yesterday.  We rented a bounce house and the kids had a blast.  I'll post pictures from his fun days soon.