Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Parade

We were all excited about Scotty's Halloween party and parade at preschool. All those adorable kids in their cute costumes- who wouldn't love it? A few months ago Scotty said he wanted to be Wall*E for Halloween, so Miles had been thinking up ideas to build the costume. Then at the beginning of October Scotty said he changed his mind and wanted to be a magician. We're not sure why he chose this but it was a much easier costume to create so we went with it! We got him a top hat, a magic wand and a cape. He already had the shirt, vest and pants so we were all set. He was disappointed that the hat was black and not colorful so he decided to decorate it with stickers. He was very pleased with his work! His magic wand lit up and he absolutely loved it. He was so excited getting dressed before preschool and was excited driving to preschool. We were excited as we drove to the preschool later to watch the parade. Then when we saw him come out he wasn't excited anymore. His magic wand had broken and wouldn't light up and he was very, very sad about it. I tried to explain that it was still a cool wand without lights but that didn't really help. Uncle Nate was able to fix it up for him with a twisty tie and that cheered him a little bit. These preschool tragedies are so sad! The parade was fun for us though!

Here he is all excited to go to school.

Here he is not very excited to walk in the parade!

At least he looked at the camera!

The whole adorable class.

Grant thought this tree was more exciting than watching kids stand in a line!

They are all singing a fun Halloween song, except for sad Scotty. Take notice of my cute nephew Urban who is batman. He's standing next to a little girl dressed as a cat and they are holding hands! How cute is that? They've been a preschool "item" for a little while now!

Mekhi, Urban and Scotty. Aren't Mekhi's pilot glasses awesome??

A half smile from Scotty sitting with his best bud.