Thursday, November 19, 2009


As I typed the title of this post I questioned the word first. It seems so weird! But we are having some firsts around here and they are fun. Grant has started to say ma ma! Yippee!! He doesn't say it spontaneously, but he does say it when I ask him who I am. Most of the time I also have to tell him to say ma ma, but he is saying it!!! Before ma ma the only sounds he made were ummmm, ohhhh etc, so we are excited to hear something new. He has been doing speech therapy for a few months now and has done some occasional babbling since starting. Our therapist is going to have Grant do a consult with the speech pathologist. We already do most of the things she shows us with him, so we're going to look into some doing something different. Hopefully it will help. He's a super smart little guy and doesn't have much trouble communicating his wants and needs to us. He's so funny now that I can't wait to hear what he is thinking. I'm sure we will be laughing our heads off at the stuff he says. Scotty's speech really took off when he turned 2, so we're wondering if Grant will be the same. He'll be 2 in 2 weeks- hard to believe!

Another first in our house is a rolling baby! Collin is rolling all over the place now. I say that this is a first because neither Scotty or Grant did any rolling. They would roll from their back to their stomach and that was it. Until they started crawling they didn't move anywhere. So it's fun to watch Collin move all over the room just by rolling. We are realizing that we're going to need to get the baby gate up because he has rolled over toward the stairs. We are not looking forward to the gate coming back. Not with two little boys that go up and down the stairs a lot. But after we waited one day too long to put it up when Grant started crawling and he fell down the stairs, we're not going to take any chances. Collin is also really close to sitting up. He can stay up for about a minute before he falls over. He's 8 months old- our babies take their time doing new things! But they sure are cute!!


john:and:aim said...

how exciting! and who cares how long it take them, right! they are the cutest boys ever - Grant will be chatting away in no time :) we love you guys!