Monday, November 16, 2009

Just because they are so cute that I have to share.

Did you see the Curious George episode where George makes his own really cool yellow hat? Well we did and so Scotty wanted to make his own really cool hat. And he did!

Do you think this is Collin's way of telling us he wants a baby sister or brother?

Scotty has been jumping into the picture taking action a lot recently- even when he's in his underwear!

I bet you didn't know it was this much fun to be under the coffee table looking at Daddy, did you?

Scotty and Grant have a really fun, and REALLY noisy game, where they both run as fast as they can while pushing their respective push toys from the kitchen to the family room. There is lots of screaming, laughing and reminders not to bang into walls and furniture. It's fun for us to see them playing together nicely, which is happening more and more and we love it.


I look over into the family room and see Grant laying on Collin and Collin was laughing! It was so cute and I got tons of cute pictures. Grant just kept laying on him, then falling off, then getting back on. Collin loved every minute of it. Even when Grant would try to lay on his head! Grant loved it too, except when I would make him get off of Collin's head.

This really was so cute and fun to watch.

Collin is saying "Ohhh...that feels so good!" And, yes, that is an empty Rice Krispie cereal box taped into another box. That is Scotty's computer that he uses to send us hilarious and heart warming emails!

This is Grant helping to clean the spit up puddle. And, yes, that is a wad of napkins taped to the underside of the hippo push toy. Scotty is very creative and has lots of good ideas!


john:and:aim said...

girl, you crack me up sooo bad! I didn't even notice a cereal box or the napkins!!! I miss the boys :(

Mel said...

That IS a great idea - to have tons of tissue under a hippo!! Who would have thunk?