Monday, April 5, 2010

Feeling better

Last week was spring break so Scotty didn't have preschool, but other than that it certainly wasn't a break week! All 3 boys were sick. Grant and Collin got sick the Friday before and then Scotty came down with a cough on Monday. On Tuesday it was Grant's 5th day of fever and it was climbing so I took him in to the doctor. He had a lung infection and she sent us home with prescriptions for an antibiotic and Albuterol for breathing treatments. The next day his fever was gone and by Saturday his cough was gone too. He was a very grumpy, emotional boy during all of this. He would scream, cry, get mad, hit and push the others all day long. Everything is getting back to normal. Collin still has a little cough and runny nose and who knows how long that will last.
Grant started out being pretty good during the treatments, but the last few times he did not want to sit still anymore.

We had a good Easter. My parents had an Easter party and egg hunt on Saturday. We had to do it inside since there was snow on the ground outside. The boys had a great time finding all the eggs and seeing the treats inside. Every time Grant would find an egg he'd hold it up and say "ball!" The boys liked their Easter baskets and appropriately fought over and shared the new toys! We had Grandpa Steve and Grandma Geri over for Sunday dinner and that was fun.
The loot.

Collin was sitting right there playing with them but he moved at the last second. We got this recycling truck for Scotty, but Grant ended up playing with it all day.

Scotty is showing Collin that he got a Kit Kat in his basket. They all love Kit Kats.

Collin loved these egg suckers and wanted to share!

Scotty's favorite thing was this little bunny on a bicycle (or motorcycle if you ask Scotty!) that peddles as you drive it. He drove that thing all day long.

My boys are so reverent- they sat still and watched conference quietly:

Ha ha!!! This did last a good 10 minutes though. They loved the choir music and sat there listening to the opening songs. The Spirit was really strong during the songs and we talked about how we felt happy and good inside when we heard the music. I'm grateful for moments when I can help my boys understand the Spirit and recognize it. I printed out a General Conference packet for them and they colored them for about 10 or 15 minutes and then it was off to play- loudly, of course! Thank goodness for the Conference Ensign! It was nice to be able to hear our Prophet and the Apostles speak to us on Easter Sunday. I'm so thankful for the Savior and the wonderful gifts of the atonement and the resurrection that He gave us.


Mike and Becca said...

wow great times at the mission reunion aye?

Valerie said...

I love looking at all your pics! I'm glad most everyone is feeling better. My kids love kit kats, too! Ya, our kids did great through the opening session, but not so great through the others.

Jenny Longmore said...

Odessa sat through President Monson's opening talk...then she was off!- we tried the conference packets too!!! I am glad the kiddos are doing better!

Mike and Becca said...

your friend valerie wanted to know what other songs we dance to. ummm, they come from the "women of destiny" cd and there is one I think called "she" and then one is "his holy house" and then one other that talks about when he comes again. could be called that??? anyway I can find out the for sures late. love ya.....