Friday, April 2, 2010

He's a stinker!

Collin is a very determined baby. If he wants something he is going to do everything he can to get it. He happened to check in the garbage can right after we had thrown out the remainder of Scotty's birthday cake. Miles came into the kitchen to find him standing there feasting on cake out of the garbage! Then the next day I came into the kitchen and found him standing at the can eating an Oreo cookie. He goes to the garbage can and tries to get in it all day long. We tell him no and move him away and most of the time he immediately turns and starts crawling right back to it. He'll cry when we move him or when we stop him from going back. He also likes the recycling bin. I've found him with empty soda cans, soup cans, fruit cans and he has thrown out a lot of papers. One day he was playing in the pantry and being really quiet. When I checked on him he had reached a package of licorice, pulled it down and was sitting there happily eating a piece. He was pretty mad at me when I finally took the little bit that was left away from him. He is a stubborn one, but he is learning to give us his adorable smile to get out of trouble!