Friday, July 9, 2010

Family fun or lapse in judgement??

While we were relaxing in Park City we kept commenting about how much the boys would love this place. So, we decided to bring the boys up and stay an extra night. It was a bit of a shock to us to drop them into our peaceful, quiet place! All of a sudden there was noise, and chaos, and injuries and NOISE!! But....the boys did love it and we had fun even with the mental adjustment we had to make from adult vacation to family vacation.

Scotty & Collin loved the hot tub. Or hot pool as Scotty called it! Grant wouldn't get in for some reason. Maybe because it was too much like his nemesis: the bathtub.

Miles caught this great shot of Scotty spitting water in my ear!! That certainly did not happen when it was just me and Miles!

Collin had a toga party.

This is a huge sundial. They thought it was really cool.

Collin found a perfect seat!

They did lots of running in the concert park area.

Collin worked hard to figure out how to go under there. It was so cute. He was very proud of himself when he finally did it!

We always love the Alpine Slide! This was Grant's first time and he had a blast.

Here's a little fun for you. Guess what happened right after these pictures were taken:
If you guessed that Grant tripped and fell against that granite bench smacking his face- you are right! He got a fat bloody lip and a bruised cheek. He hit so hard that we were sure his cheek bone was going to be broken, but he was fine- thank goodness!

Now this one:

Here's a hint: Notice Grant's precarious position on the chair. If you guessed that Grant fell backwards off the chair- you win the prize!! He hit his head on the window frame and the glass he is holding broke and cut his finger. His cut was deep and wouldn't stop bleeding. We didn't have any band aids, but luckily the front desk had a knuckle bandage that worked out great. Poor kid!! Our other injury was Collin smashing his finger in the balcony door. Lesson learned: bring the first aid supplies even if you're only going away overnight!!


Gwen said...

Poor kids. You are sure nice to invite them into your adult vacation! Part of being a parent I guess!

Mel said...

I LOVE your kids!! So entertaining!!

Mike and Becca said...

that's awesome you went and got the kids. Sounds like somethign I would do.... enjoy the time with mike but then just think about how much the kids would like it. Miles may not spit water in your ear but for some reason I could see Lori spitting water in Mile's ear