Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Murphy Lake

The last time we went up to the cabin we spent one morning at Murphy Lake. We had fun throwing rocks in the lake and it didn't take too long before the boys were in the lake. They walked all around this area that was shallow and just right for wading.

They found a raft that someone had made and decided to go for a little raft ride. Scotty had fun the whole time. Grant wasn't so sure about it at first.

When it sunk down a little and Grant was sitting in water he started crying and screaming! He is pointing at me in the picture wanting Miles to get him off this thing!

Everyone recovered from the float trip and we had a fun picnic. Complete with a cherry pit shooting contest, which judging by the tons of cherry colored stains on my Dad's shirt, Miles won!

The area where they did the raft was only waist deep for Miles. Except for one little spot....


Mel said...

VERY funny!! And of course I LOVE Grant's commentary!

Gwen said...

I love it!!! And I love the two of you laughing about it!