Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Childhood dream realized

The big yellow slide. It taunted me every time we would attend the Utah State Fair when I was growing up. Even just driving by the fairgrounds I would see it and daydream about it. I wanted so badly to go on the big yellow slide. Nothing else. No other ride called to me like the big yellow slide did. But I was not allowed. Denied the thrill. All because my Mom once heard that someone put syrup on the bottom of the slide and a girl was hurt on it. My sister Aimee remembers the syrup story. My Mom does not remember it at all. But I do. It has always been a dream of mine. And finally, that dream has been realized. That's right- now I'm the Mom and I was able to say "Syrup be darned! We're going on that slide!" We took the boys to the fair on a Friday afternoon just to ride rides. They were grumpy. And hot. And thirsty. The rides were shockingly expensive. Scotty only wanted to ride the big ferris wheel. Grant didn't want to ride anything. Collin just wanted out of the stroller. Miles knew how much I wanted to go on the big yellow slide, so we made the trek to the slide amid protests, whining and repeated "I'm thirsty!"'s. After all the trouble I was starting to doubt the big yellow slide would be worth it. Boy, was I wrong! It was SO worth it!! We had so much fun on the slide. Scotty and I went first and it was so fast and we were both a little scared when we caught air. Grant and Miles went next and they loved it. Then I convinced Scotty that he could go himself and Grant and I went together. Then we decided to get more tickets and we all went- Scotty by himself, Grant and Miles and me and Collin. Everyone loved the big yellow slide and wanted to go again and again. We're going to start saving right now for next year!

Even the long, steep, looong stair climb to the top was worth it. Even having to carry the awkward slide mats. Even having to carry Collin. Even when Grant had a scared screaming fit halfway up and I ending up having to carry him plus the awkward slide mats. Worth. It.

This shot made me laugh so hard. I look terrified!! I was really surprised at how fast you got going and that we caught air. It was great!

Grant's face is funny! He looks scared too, but as soon as they stopped he was all smiles.

And don't worry Mom, there wasn't a drop of syrup anywhere to be found.


Miles said...

It was surprisingly fast and well worth the $$$.

Geri said...

Love the pictures and the story. It is a good thing Miles had a Mom who let him do stuff!