Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weird day

Today is a weird day. Scotty is at school for his first Wednesday. Excelsior has the kindergartners rotate going on Wednesdays for half-day. The AM class went last Wed and the PM classes had the day off, today the PM classes are at school and the AM class is at home. So we had to get him to school at 8:15am instead of 12:30pm and he'll have a long day- until 1:30pm. Then today is also Grant's first day at his Play-N-Learn class. He has his speech therapy through DDI Vantage and they asked if we'd be interested in having him do the class. It's an hour and a half two times a week and I think he'll really enjoy it. It's like a preschool class, just for 2 and 3yr olds. They do free play, large motor skills, circle time, art, snack, story time and they guide them and help them with learning to share, take turns, etc. When I said goodbye to him he said bye and went right back to playing- no crying or clinging to my leg! I think that he'll really enjoy the classes. So, now I'm at home, Collin is napping, the other boys are at their "classes" and the house is quiet. Very weird!!

Scotty will be eating lunch at school every other Wednesday. I have been reading and seeing a lot of blogs where moms do Bento boxes for their kids. It seems fun so I thought I'd do a Bento-ish type of lunch for Scotty.

I did a pb&j sandwich cut to look like a truck and it even included a "load" in the bed! I got some Lunch Punch sandwich cutters and they are so cute. I added some cheese for the wheels and windshield. I also have grape kebabs. I used this printable to turn regular toothpicks into a fun superhero pick. Then I did a checkered apple and a car shaped hard boiled egg. I got an egg mold to do the egg and I think it's fun!

I enjoyed making a fun lunch for him and he was excited to see it in the morning. I also included a note on the Superman card from the superhero printable. And we got him a Star Wars thermos without him knowing and put it in the lunchbox as a surprise for him when he opens it at school. I hope it makes him smile!

**Grant DID have fun at his class! The teacher said that he didn't cry, he was talking a little bit, ate his snack and seemed to have fun. She said that he did get a little annoyed when another little boy hit him, but who wouldn't?? Here he is with the cute art project that he did. He's very proud of it!


Geri said...

That is so cute! You are amazing putting that much work into lunch. It shows how much you love those little boys.

Ally said...

Wow, look at the lunch! Amazing.....I never even thought about doing that. Very creative, Lori!! I'm impressed.