Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 little monkeys

We were so excited to buy this monkey costume for Scotty's 2nd Halloween. All 3 boys have worn it now and it has been so cute on all of them.

Scotty found a play banana at Gma Kath's house just before Halloween and insisted on keeping it. He carried it in his pumpkin bucket.

Grant HATED the costume at first! But as soon as he figured out that he was getting candy, he forgot all about the costume. He was also a little bit too big for it so we had to cut the feet open.

Collin loved the banana on his head and kept patting it saying na-na. When he would see his picture on my computer he would pat his head.


Amanda said...

So cute! It's nice how the same costume fit all of them; we had two different pumpkin costumes:)

Geri said...

They are the cutest monkeys that I know!