Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cupcakes with Grandpa

Grandpa Steve (Miles' dad) invited the boys up one evening to decorate Halloween cupcakes and cookies. He had lots of fun decorations for them to use and let them do, and eat, whatever they wanted. They had so much fun. Steve loves to bake cookies with his grandkids and they love it. He has more patience for the mess, broken egg shells, and spills than I do!

Scotty really enjoyed decorating.

Grant decorated a few and ate more.

I think Collin was the official taste tester!


Enjoying all their hard work.

Here's Scotty with his work. We were so impressed with his decorations! He wanted to sell them to people in China and in our neighborhood! I have no idea why he was talking about China.

Thanks for a fun time Grandpa Steve!


Amanda said...

How fun for them... it's always better when someone else has the mess at their house:)

Thanks for all your fun comments on my blog! I kind of hesitated about having #4, but now that he's here, I can say that it is definitely busier, but that #3 was a harder adjustment b/c that was when I felt like I was busy nonstop. 4 is still nonstop busy too, of course, but I didn't have to adjust as much. We know several really large families and they all have said that 3 was hard, and after they had their 4th, 5th etc., that it didn't really seem much worse. I'm pretty sure I'll never find out if that's true though, I'm good with 4:)