Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Poor Collin has a couple big owies right now. He was outside playing yesterday and I heard him crying. I went out and he was coming over with a mouth full of blood and he had smeared it up all over his face. Mouth injuries are scary because of the amount of blood and you can't tell what has happened. It was so sad. Scotty said that he had fallen off of our retaining wall.

Whatever happened it scraped him all the way up to his nose.

He has a nice, impressive fat lip.

His other owie started with a scrape at Grandma Geri's on her raspberry bush. It was covered by his diaper so I put a band aid on it so it wouldn't rub it. All we had was a big band aid. He mentioned a few times that it hurt him but I just thought it was annoying him. Then when I took the band aid off it looked like this- the scrape is better but now he has a big band aid shaped irritation!

I felt horrible! I'm not sure why the band aid irritated him so much. Poor, poor little Collin!!


Mel said...

Aww! Still a cute kid though!

Jodee said...

Ooooh! That makes me cringe!!

Mike and Becca said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!

john:and:aim said...

Oh man! Hopefully it wasn't as bad as it looks here!!! Collin is soooo tough :)