Monday, April 18, 2011

Scotty's birthday party

We decided to be brave and let Scotty have a birthday party with his friends. I've been intimidated to do this, but decided that 6yrs old is a good age to give it a try- they're not too young and not too old! We waited until last Saturday so that there would be a better chance of good weather so we can have the party outside. We lucked out with a beautiful, non rainy day. We had 8 kids show up and it was a lot of fun.

We started the party by telling them that they were going to become Jedi knights. A very important part of being a Jedi was having good teamwork. So they had to cross the hot lava (grass) as a team without touching the lava. They did an excellent job.

They had to get to Yoda's cave (the clubhouse) and they would find their reward.

In the cave they found lightsabers (made from pool noodles) and then they had to get back across the lava.

They did a great job!

They took some time to do some lightsaber fighting and they had a great time!

Next we went out to the driveway where Miles had drawn two Death Stars with chalk and we had bins of water balloons. (Filling 100 water balloons is NOT fun!!!) The girls had to destroy the boy's Death Star and the boys had to destroy the girl's.

They had so much fun doing this game and Scotty said it was his favorite. It was a close call as to which team won, but I think the girls did! :-)

Miles made a lightsaber cake.

We sang and ate cake and ice cream. I was so glad I read somewhere to scoop the ice cream into little cups ahead of time and store them in the freezer. It was so nice to just put a cup on each plate and not have to mess with scooping the ice cream. The kids all went up into the clubhouse to eat their cake- it was cute but I, unfortunately, didn't get a picture of them.

Scotty's friends gave him fun presents and they were all so cute and fun. For the last few minutes they played Sith tag, which was a version of freeze tag. We also wrapped candy in tin foil and put them around the yard. We gave them their goodie bag and told them to each find 8 asteroid rocks. They really enjoyed that and were done in about 30 seconds!

It ended up being a successful party and everyone had a lot of fun. Scotty loved having his friends here and I'm sure he'll want to do it again next year. Now I know it's not that bad!


Mel said...

I HAD to take Urban to the store to get a blue noodle so he could have a sword like the kids had at Scotty's party!

john:and:aim said...

that it so fun :)looooove the cake Miles whipped up!