Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grant's first day of preschool

Grant had a great day! He was so excited to go to preschool. He has been talking about it for months and always wanted to drive by his preschool. He was really happy when the big day finally arrived.

Here's the big preschool boy! I can't believe how grown up he looks.

Very excited!

His "best friend Collin" wanted to be in his picture too. They're so cute together!

Following the alphabet down to class.

I wondered if he would cry when it came time for me to leave, but he gave me a kiss and went right back to playing with Play Doh.

When we left Collin wanted to go to the donut store to get a "cookie donut and a drink!" We had a fun time together. But it was a little strange to be at home without Grant. I think we both felt a little lost!

Coming out after class. Grant was annoyed and started to get upset when the little boy in front of him stopped and wouldn't move. Luckily I got to him right as he started pushing him out of the way! I thought he just couldn't get around him but he wanted to step on all the letters and the boy had stopped right on one. I was able to get the boy to move a little and Grant was able to finish stepping on the letters- whew!

He said that he had a fun day and liked preschool. His teachers said that he did great. I'm so proud of Grant!


Geri Lawrence said...

So cute. I hope he continues to love school and learning.

Mel said...

So fun!! I think Collin is the lucky one though - getting a cookie donut and drink instead of school ROCKS!!