Sunday, September 4, 2011

Grant makes me laugh!

One night Grant put his legs into the arms of his pajama shirt and couldn't figure out what was going on. It was so funny!

Today he was saying he wanted an ice cream sandwich. I was asking him if he wanted to eat it while jumping or twirling and then I said dancing and he said "No, I dance when I have to go to the potty, Mommy!" Ha ha ha!!

Grant is very excited to start preschool on Tuesday. We went to his open house and we saw his classroom and met his teachers. He got some tracing pages for homework and loves to do them. He sits there tracing and every once in awhile he'll shout out "I'm doing great!"

He really did do great! This was his first time tracing and I only helped him on the A. Later on he noticed that he missed the p and m and he had to finish them right away!

We love this boy so much!! He's such a fun part of our family. He makes me laugh every day!


Geri Lawrence said...

Grant you are awesome!!! I am so happy to see you doing your home work with a great big smile. We love you so much!
Grandma and Grandpa

Mel said...

He IS a smart and entertaining little boy! I wish I saw him and the rest of you more often!

Mel said...

Urban said "Oh my gosh! He did really good just after one day of school!" Urban also thinks Grant looks taller!