Monday, October 17, 2011

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

I bet that Grant and Collin think this to themselves sometimes. They are at a fun age when their language is developing and they say the most adorable things....but sometimes, it's a bit hard to understand. I'm pretty lucky that I get to spend my day with two little ones that say the cutest stuff. And lucky that they are patient with me when I need some extra help to decipher what they have said. I love this age when they mix up words and letters and put their own cute spin on words and sentences. I loved it when Scotty was that age too.

Grant and Collin also say a lot of the same things. They seem to speak the same language, so to speak! The most fun one right now is spooky, which they pronounce as "fooky". There is a lot of spooky stuff around with Halloween coming up, so I get to hear their cute little voices saying "Oooh, fooky!" all day. I love it!

Here are some more cute things that they say:
Collin - Colla (Grant started out calling Collin "Ta Ta", then he moved on to "Ca Ca")
Scotty - Sotty
Transcript - Transmit
balloon - baboon (Pronounced the same as balloon but with a b, not like the monkey!)

Here are a few more of Collin's:
garbage - garmage
steamroller - skeamroller

There's lots more, but I can't think of any more specifics right now. These two are so cute. The other day I said to Grant "Grant, you are awesome." He replied "Yes, me am." I love them!!!