Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preschool Halloween Party

Everyone was excited for Grant's preschool Halloween party and parade. He was excited for obvious reasons, and we were excited to go watch the adorable costume parade. There isn't anything much cuter than a bunch of 3 year olds parading around in their Halloween costumes.

Grant and I had fun making sucker ghosts for his treat contribution.

He drew almost all of the faces on by himself. He made them very "fooky".

They all came out for the parade and they were darling. Grant decided he wanted to be Mario again (he was Mario last year) and there was no talking him out of it!

I'm not sure why Grant thought he needed to hold Captain America's hand, but he did.

And he was insistent even when Captain America resisted!

Captain America ditched Grant when he saw his parents, so Grant went solo for the rest of the parade. He has his parade wave down!

They sang us a fun little Halloween song. With my handsome little Mario being the cutest, the tiny Darth Vader and Storm Trooper sure did make me smile!

Blowing kisses.

When I loaded up Grant and Collin to go to preschool this morning the van wouldn't start. Miles was in SLC, but luckily my Dad was able to quickly run over and take him. Then he even had time to bring over his battery charger and get the van up and running just in time to head up for the parade. Whew!

Collin and Grandpa were having lots of fun!

We can't wait for next year's parade!


Geri Lawrence said...

That is so cute. I wish I had been there. I forgot about the parade they have. I will be there next year for sure. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures. Miss you guys!

Mel said...


Jodee said...

So fun! I love it when they want to repeat a costume! Less work for me! ;) I love Halloween!!!