Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Scotty!

Happy 7th Birthday to Scotty!!  Scotty has had a wonderful year and he is excited for his birthday.  He finished Kindergarten and then started 1st grade.  He is doing really well at school and loves 1st grade.  He is an excellent reader and is way above grade level in math.  He loves science and history the most. Scotty had some vision therapy and his eyesight improved greatly.  He still loves Star Wars and to play Lego Star Wars on the Wii.  He started soccer and is having a lot of fun playing.  He has been rock climbing and skiing with his Dad and loves to snowmobile and sled at Grandpa Scott's cabin.  Scotty is an awesome kid.  He loves to invent things and is always surprising us with the things he makes.  He has a great imagination and uses things around the house to make whatever he is dreaming of.  He is a good friend and the Moms of his friends all say how well he plays with their sons.  He is kind and helpful with his brothers and they look up to him so much.  He lost his first tooth and was very happy to have finally lost one!  We love having Scotty in our family.  He makes us laugh and is quick to give a hug to help cheer you up.  We're very proud to be his parents.  We love you Scotty!!

Here are some pics of him from this past year.


Mike and Becca said...

I can't believe how many fun and active things you guys do. And I'm sure I knew this but jus realizing it that one of ur boys bdays is the day after ivans and one is 4 days after emery's. 2 march bdays like us. Well actually I just glanced at the post date so that's prob not the actual birth date?. But 2 in march?