Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer is here!

We are excited for summer! We don't have many big plans or lots of scheduled events and we are really looking forward to care free, lazy, fun days. We have already started on some of our favorite summer activities:

Bike riding

Trampoline jumping

Really high swinging

Vacationing (More on that soon!)



Slip N Sliding

Lessons for swimming
(I had to make that caption match the rest!!)


Mike and Becca said...

Wow uv been busy already. I just lay in the tub most days while my kids ruin their brains watching tv. Good times! :)

Mike and Becca said...

Well that post was the beginning of summer. Now it's the end of summer, what ya got for in-between?!? :) we went to a bday gathering for one of mikes friends. He lives out there in Stockton. An elder from our mission was there? Did u know elder morse? Kinda red hair and freckles? He lives out there in toelle, they both teach seminary. Kinda fun to chat w him! Made me miss the mission a bit :)