Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

We have been having a fun month getting ready for Christmas.  The boys are very excited!

They were so happy to see their stockings and immediately put them on!

We went to temple square to see the Christmas lights with our friends the Nelsons.  It rained the whole time but it was mild temps, and I would rather walk in the rain than in clear skies with freezing temps!  The boys couldn't wait to touch the temple and Grant loved all the red lights.

They saw Santa at Grant's preschool Christmas open house.

Decorating the tree.  It's fun to see Scotty and Grant remember their favorite ornaments and to see Collin discovering them and getting excited about them.

They got to see Santa again at the Transcript Bulletin Christmas party.  Scott was so excited!  He kept looking outside for him and even stood waiting for a long time at the head of the line so he could be the first one to see him.

Collin asked for a toy this time instead of a big Hershey kiss!

Grant was red faced from running around but had no problem stopping to see Santa.

We hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season!