Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had an awesome Christmas.  Well, except for Collin waking up sick on Christmas morning, the poor thing.

Grant and Scotty woke up a little before 6am.  But they were so good to just hang out on our bed and waited patiently for Collin to wake up at 7:20.  They played with stuff they had gotten from Grandma Geri and Grandpa Steve the night before and watched a few videos on my ipod.  Then when Collin woke up we brought him in and he immediately went back to sleep and we had to wake him up when we were ready to start our festivities.

Waiting for the destruction!

Excited to go see what Santa left for them!  We always read the account in Luke of Christ's birth and have a family prayer before we go out to open presents.  There wasn't any whining this year about this particular tradition- progress!!!  

Grant was sooo cute this year.  He was very excited about everything.  He couldn't wait to get all the presents opened and we had to keep telling him to wait and be patient.  His enthusiasm was fun!

Grant was so excited for Collin to open the present from him which was a stuffed Luigi that matches Grant's stuffed Mario.  Collin liked it, even though you can't tell!

Grant and Scotty did a good job opening all of the family gifts.

They were good to come over and let Collin help too.

It was very sad to see Collin so sick and not being able to fully enjoy Christmas morning.....but a little part of me was thoroughly enjoying spending the morning snuggling him!

SO SAD!!!!!

Grant with his Jake bandana and treasure box.  Such a cutie!

Scotty getting started on his Lego Ninjago set.  We were pretty proud of him- he opened his present from Santa and didn't find the thing he wanted most, but he wasn't disappointed at all and was very happy with what he did get.  He's growing up and maturing and is such a good kid.

Here's Collin playing with his Captain Hook's boat and sitting by the barf bowl!  A little spewing helps you feel a bit better!

We had a really fun day together.  My parents and my nephew Ethan came over in the afternoon to exchange gifts and that was nice.  We are very sad that Christmas break is almost over as we have really enjoyed having lots of time to spend together.  We haven't had any big outings or activities- just hung out at home playing and watching movies and it has been wonderful.