Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bye, bye baby

Last year was the end of babyhood in our home.  Collin turned 3 and we started to move on from baby stuff.  During the year we stopped using the crib, booster seat at the table, sippy cups, diapers, diaper bag, toddler spoons and forks,  and some other stuff that I can't remember right now.  We said goodbye to naptime.  We also finally got rid of the rest of our baby toys including some big things like the Intellitainer (a huge monstrosity that was similar to an Exersaucer) and a few other big toys.  We still have our pack n play because my friend's toddler uses it.  And we still have our strollers- Collin is a s.u.p.e.r. s.l.o.w. walker, so if we need to get somewhere quickly we will pop him in the stroller.  And he loves the stroller and will beg for it a lot of the time if we're not going to take it!  

Some of this transition has been hard for me and some if it has been great.  For some reason that I have no explanation for, I had a hard time with the diapers.  But with the sippy cups we celebrated when we threw them out!  Some of the toys were hard to get rid of (I kept some of them for sentiment!) and some we gladly donated.  I very much miss the quiet afternoon that used to be naptime.  It is just a strange new phase that we are in.  It seems like we were engulfed with baby for so long, that it's hard to believe it's over.  I loved having babies and toddlers and I miss those days.  But it's also been fun having the freedom that older kids bring.  And we are discovering lots of new activities that we couldn't do with little ones in tow and that is fun.   

Goodbye my sweet baby boys.  I had so much fun with you!


Geri Lawrence said...

They were all so fun and each one has his own look and personality. You would think that being raised by the same people in the same environment that they would be more alike. We love each one as an individual with his own little quirks. I am happy they are each their own little individual self. Thanks so much for 3 wonderful grandsons!

john:and:aim said...

Oh my gosh! I die!! They are so adorable - their sweet little baby faces. You've stepped into a fun phase in life. Enjoy it before you hit the teenage years!!!!!

Mike and Becca said...

Aw, that is a great post Lori! I may have to copy that when maybell leaves babyhood. Statistics show though that boy girl ratio for kids is 3 to 1. So 3 of one gender and 1 of the other, meaning it's very likely you'll have a girl next. You sure you don't want to try?? :) I would love to see a lil Lori running around! Well, I think the only baby dishes we have around here you gave to us. So it will be double sad to get rid of!!! :) well enjoy ur next phase