Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye nap???

Well..we've decided to try eliminating Scotty's nap.  It was not an easy decision and we're still not sure it will work out.  He has been having the worst time going to bed at night.  For weeks we've been battling with him trying to get him to stay in bed and go to sleep.  He's been up way too late with all of his craziness.  We've noticed that on days he doesn't have a nap (like Sunday) he goes to sleep so much better, so we're going to give this a try.  The only hard part is that I still need nap time!!  But we decided to have a mandatory "rest time" and then some "play by yourself time" so that Mommy can have a break.  He needs lots of attention so we'll have to see how play time by yourself goes.  It's good for him to be able to entertain himself, so we'll work hard to get him to do it.  Today was the first day of trying this but his cousin Urban was here, so it was really fun for him.  Wish me luck tomorrow!!!